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We live in a society in which, because of improved health care, we are all living longer than was the case in previous generations. As a result, the UK, like other developed countries, is witnessing a rapidly growing older population. With this growth in the numbers of elderly people comes an increase in the incidence […]

What is Parkinson’s? Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative disorder that results from the slow and gradual death of brain neurons. As the area of the brain affected by the disease plays an important role in controlling movement, people gradually develop rigid, jerky uncontrollable movements. For example, raising a cup to the lips with precision and […]

What is Osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a condition which brings about changes in one’s bones causing them to become weaker and more fragile. As a result, those affected are at greater risk of suffering from fractures. To a degree this gradual weakening of the bones is part of the aging process for all of us. Our […]

Home sharing is a way of bringing together two very different groups of people, each with their own particular needs. The arrangement is designed to help older people, who may need a little extra support and companionship but do not wish to move into residential care, and also to benefit younger people who are in […]

The UK is experiencing a situation without precedent; there will soon be more older citizens than children, and more very elderly people than seen before. The ageing British population is viewed as perhaps the greatest challenge facing modern society, not only due to economic, social and political factors, but also socially, in particular how we […]

One of the many challenges for caregivers of an elderly parent is to find the balance between taking care of yourself and providing your best care to someone else. With our aging population, the reality for most families is that care is provided by middle-aged women who carry the overwhelming responsibility of providing constant care […]

It is a hard truth of life that either through accident, health problems, or old age, just about everyone eventually experiences some form of disability. As our population ages, more and more people are finding it difficult to remain independent in their own homes. The good news is that with a bit of preparation and […]

Having to move out of a family home that is filled with a lifetime of memories can be an upsetting experience for anyone. Leaving behind all that is familiar during the later stages of life is especially disruptive and traumatic, which is why many of the elderly are choosing to remain in their homes despite […]

Many of us reach the point in our lives where we find getting up and down stairs is increasingly difficult. This may well be the time move your bedroom downstairs if your home is suitable, or perhaps to contemplate making the move to a bungalow. But for many people the perfect solution to continue living […]

Keeping your Independence Stair lifts are one of those investments that can help you transform your life and restore your independence. Many of our customers have struggled for years with having to keep trips upstairs in their own home to a minimum or even having to move their bedroom and family bathroom downstairs. For them […]

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