Perch Stairlift

A perch or standing stairlift has the same comfort and safety features as the straight and curved stairlifts but is designed for people who have restricted movement in the knee or hip joints and find sitting down painful. This perch stairlift has a shortened seat and stable support to ‘perch’ on so you are in a more comfortable standing position.

What is a Perch Stairlift and How Does it Work?

The Perch stairlift consists of a footplate with armrests or handrails, the individual stands on the footplate and is manoeuvred up or down the stairs in standing or perched position.

When considering whether to purchase a seated or perch stairlift, it is always advisable to speak with your occupational nurse or therapist as they may be able to offer guidance on what is the most suitable option for you needs.

Another benefit of this type of stairlift is the fact that is can provide more clearance on narrow staircases and although it is normally just installed on a straight staircase, it can be customised to be used on curved stairs too.

Perch Stairlift Safety Features

As with all stairlifts, safety is paramount and with a perch lift, this is no different.

The retractable seatbelt ensures the individual cannot fall forward or off the lift and there are safety sensors that will stop the lift if an obstacle is detected on the staircase or lift rail.

The foldaway seat has a swivel facility to ensure there are no twisting or straining requirements when getting on or off the stairlift and a remote control is used to summon the chair to the particular floor you are on.

Benefits of a Perch Stairlift

  • They are often cheaper to purchase and install than a standard seating stairlift.
  • They are fairly easy to install and usually completed in a day.
  • No need for the individual to bend to sit thus avoiding knee, hip or other body joint pain
  • Can be a great solution for a stairlift on narrow stairs
  • Foldaway swivel seat is not only a space saver but allows ease of getting on and off the stairlift.

Maintenance and Power Source

Since this will be a very important addition to a home, it is advisable not to neglect its maintenance. Stair lifts need to be serviced once a year by a fully qualified engineer.

Most stair lifts are battery-operated and they are charged continually through charge points on the rail. This is very convenient as the device will continue to work even if there is a power cut in the house.

Charging stair lift batteries is comparable to boiling a kettle 3 times and so does not have a huge effect on electricity costs.

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