The Perch Stairlift

The perch stairlift has the same comfort and safety features as the straight and curved stairlifts but is designed for those who have restricted movement in the knee or hip and find sitting painful.  The perch stairlift has a shortened seat and stable support to ‘perch’ on so you are in a more comfortable standing position.  A perch seat may also be a solution for narrow staircases.

A Guide to Perch Stair Lifts

Though there are many examples of the negative impact of scientific advances and the new technologies on our society, they are still largely outnumbered by all the positive aspects of these inventions, especially in the medical department. The average human life is now longer by decades, as compared to the age of people who lived hundreds of years ago, and not only do we live longer, but we also lead lives of much higher quality in terms of health.

For example, women who have proper medical care rarely die these days when giving birth and the birth itself can now be pretty painless, thanks to epidural. Another example is tuberculosis. While this bacterial infection was a common killer only a century ago, today we successfully treat it with vaccines and will possibly eradicate it completely in the near future.

The Improved Quality of Life for the Disabled

People with disabilities are perhaps more aware than most other people of how the new medical inventions are affecting their lives. This can be seen particularly in wealthy countries such as the United States, Canada and some European states where the care for the disabled is on a very high level. While poorer regions are still not as disability-friendly, most rich countries enable people in wheelchairs to freely drive cars, ride on the bus, travel by plane and do their work without suffering any constraints and depending on another person to take them places.

It is very important that people with disability live in a comfortable home equipped with all the necessary devices and utensils that will allow them to freely roam the house without always waiting for someone to help them. So, the key to improving their quality of life is to enable them to be independent.

What are Perch Stair Lifts and How Do They Work

An indispensable part of equipment in multiple-story homes is a stair lift. This is basically a mechanical device like a chair that climbs up and down stairs. The chair is attached and moves along the rail. The prototype was invented almost a hundred years ago in the United States for a victim of polio who couldn’t walk anymore. Today stair lifts are modernized and customized for people depending on their needs.

For example, there are stair lifts for people who can’t stand, but also for people who have difficulty sitting down. Many people start having problems with knees and hips at a certain age. They experience great pain when bending at the joints and their movement is restricted. For example, patients of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease stop being able to climb stairs at some point and perch stair lifts can be very helpful to them.

These stair lifts have the same comfort and safety features as the sitting-down stair lifts, but they are designed for those patients who find sitting down painful. The perch stair lift has a shortened seat, a seat belt and stable support to “perch” on, so a patient is in a more comfortable semi-standing position.

Advantages of Perch Stair Lifts

The obvious advantage of perch stair lifts is enabling people to only step on the stair lift without bending all the way to sit, thus avoiding pain. Another very practical advantage is that perch stair lift takes less space because of the shorter seat, making it a great solution for narrow staircases where normal stair lifts can’t fit. It is ideal for town houses, for instance, where the stairs may be particularly slender. However, most perch stair lifts can only be fitted to straight stairs.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Perch Stair Lift

Today you can buy perch stair lifts in a store, as well as on the Internet. Since this is not an inexpensive investment, it is advisable to carefully examine all aspects of the device before purchasing it. You can start by comparing prices and features online. Forums are a great place to read about other users’ experiences and learn about each model’s drawbacks. You can also participate in discussions and ask questions. You’ll see that many people advise against purchasing before visiting some local showroom and trying the stair lift out before buying it.

It’s important that the product you buy is completely safe, and some of the stair lift must-have safety features are:

– Retractable, safe seat-belt
– Safety sensors that detect an obstacle on the staircase and stop
– Swivel seat that prevents you from straining when getting on
– Foldaway seat that additionally saves space when not used
– Remote controls for summoning the chair to your floor

Some other things to consider and maybe ask some expert (an engineer) about:

– How much weight can a certain type of stair lift carry
– Can that particular type be fitted on your stairwell
– How quiet is it
– How long is the warranty period

The good thing about perch lifts is that they are among the cheapest and the easiest to install. It might be a good idea to buy it from a vendor who also offers lifetime service on the purchased product.

Other Things to Note: Maintenance and Power Source

Since this will be a very important addition to a home, it is advisable not to neglect its maintenance. Stair lifts need to be serviced once a year by a fully qualified engineer.

Most stair lifts are battery-operated and they are charged continually through charge points on the rail. This is very convenient as the device will continue to work even if there is a power cut in the house. Charging stair lift batteries doesn’t cost much per month – approximately as much as it costs to boil a kettle a few times, so no need to worry about large additional costs after purchasing a stair lift.

Perch stair lift engineers have put a lot of effort into making stair lifts that are as easy to use, comfortable and safe as possible, but we’ll probably see even more advancements in this sphere in the future.


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